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The world's most popular entry-level programme will allow you to experience the magic of being and breathing underwater. Whether is a swimmer or not

You can feel the amazing weightlessness of the aqua world in the Fresh water Quarry

Anyone aged 10 or over and is medically fit can participate in PADI Discover Scuba Diving.

There is no adventure than diving. Whether you are novice, or whether you were been diving for so many years, there is always something new, fascinating or challenging about venturing into the underwater world. Your mind may be mesmerized by clouds of colourfully fish, your curiosity raised by the mysterious remains of sunken ships or your creativity awakened by the art of underwater photography. Your diving interests may range from a casual pastime pursued on vacation, to a constant passion, or even a career. Diving offers something new for everyone.

You don't necessarily need to know to swim to try diving. As long as you are comfortable in the water and have general good health, you too can dive.

The Discover Scuba Program includes a little basic theory, a few exercises in shallow water and one dive to a maximum of 12 meters with an highly qualified instructor.

  • Dive Trips (Certified Persons).

  • Dive trips are available all day.

  • We will arrange the dives as per your certification level.


Kayaking is recreational adventure activity that requires minimalistic training and is suited for participants of all age groups Paddling involves core strength training and muscle workout which will lead you to a healthier fitter living. An hour of kayaking can burn up to 500 calories! Research shows kayaking reduces stress hugely.

Using a kayak, you reach places you would never otherwise have found.

For the real feel of kayaking we provides all the equipment like Kayaks, Paddles, Life Jackets etc . We prefer to offer to the guests Sit-on-top-kayaks. It is best suited to enjoy & relax even for beginners and non swimmers.


SUP is a fun activity you can do on oceans, lakes, rivers, and bays. It’s a great full body core workout and way to experience the beauty of the outdoors. Best of all, it’s perfect for people of all ages, body types and skill levels. Over the years, paddle boarding has continued to grow in popularity because it gives you the freedom to explore the beautiful waters the surround our planet.


A water ball or water walking ball is a large inflatable sphere that allows a person inside it to walk across the surface of a body of water. The giant ball is usually two meters in diameter and has a zippered entrance to allow for easy entry and exit.


  • Kayaking Expeditions

  • Country Boating

  • Speed Boating



Imagine a vacation, where all you do, is float on a plush, traditional Kerala houseboat, on calm, gentle waters that take you through some of the most beautiful sights you will ever see in Kerala. You lay back and relax, as the houseboat navigates the smooth waterways, blessing you with views of the lush greenery and incredibly beautiful birds that call Vembanad Lake their home. As you drift on by, you catch glimpses of the rural life of the people in Kerala, going about their day, on the shore. Elevate this unique experience by buying some fresh catch from the vendors on the banks of the lake, that can be served up in style for you to eat, right on the houseboat.